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HABA dolls

HABA dolls
Your kid will love bringing their HABA Dolls with them wherever they go! Whether to a tea party, a stroll around the park, to bed with them, or wherever their hearts and minds may lead, our companion dolls are perfect for children who like to pretend play and let their imaginations roam. Help to inspire your toddler with a HABA Doll! It’s sure to become one of their most cherished objects for years to come.We make all of our plush and soft dolls out of the safest materials around. So rest assured… its kid safe! Your children will love dressing the dolls in various clothes or bringing them around in a doll stroller! The fun never ends with HABA!
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Haba lutka Annelie

Haba lutka AnnelieHaba lutka Annelie je prav prijetna deklica, oblečena v oblekico in č..


Haba lutka Annie

Haba lutka AnnieHaba lutka Annie vključuje trakec in je priljubljena tako za deklice ko..


Haba lutka Elise

Haba lutka EliseHaba lutka Elise prihaja s kapico in torbico in je priljubljena tako za..


Haba lutka Fabian

Haba lutka FabianIgrača bo iz proizvodnje dobavljiva v 13. tednu (tj. od 27.03.-02.04.) Prip..


Haba lutka Graham

Haba lutka GrahamHaba lutka Graham prihaja z majico, hlačami, čevljčki, kapico ter šalom. &n..


Haba lutka Lennja z Ellin

Haba lutka Lennja z EllinHaba lutka Lennja s sestrico Ellin sta 30 cm velika dekli..


Haba lutka Liese

Haba lutka LieseHaba lutka Liese je prav prijetna deklica z dvema lasnima gumicama, obl..


Haba lutka Lilli

Haba lutka LilliHaba lutka Lilli vključuje trakc za lase in je priljubljena tako za deklice ..


Haba lutka Mali

Haba lutka MaliHaba lutka Mali vključuje oblekico, legice, čeveljčke in trakec za lase v obl..


Haba lutka Milla

Haba lutka MillaHaba lutka Milla je prav prijetna deklica z elastičnim trakom v laseh, obleč..


Haba lutka Yui

Haba lutka YuiHaba lutka Yui je zadnja haba lutka na zalogi in na celotnem evropskem trgu, z..