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Izdaja UJP e-računov za proračunske uporabnike.

Step-By-Step Guide

Summarized from the general terms & conditions of STASKKA children's store - www.staskka.com

If you would like to read the full terms, or transfer them to your computer, click the PDF icon. Open it with Acrobat Reader.


If you are not fully skilled in online ordering, follow the instructions below to help you purchase online at the STASKKA Kids Online Store - Everything for the Child website.



When entering the website www.staskka.com, at the top of the page in the blue banner, you can see the different categories of products offered by the online store. You can enter into the online store by clicking on one of the categories or by clicking on one of the subcategories that opens vertically down within the main categories in the blue banner. You can also enter an online store by clicking on one of the products that are presented on the entry page or in a specific category / subcategory.


First, select the product category that interests you (example: Toys) in the upper-blue banner. When clicking on it, all subcategories that belong to the selected category are opened (for example: My first toys, Social games, Children's dollhouses, etc.).

You can also browse through the online store by using the search engine into which you enter the keyword or words. 

When you click on a selected product group within a subcategory, we will show you all products that belong to this product group (for example, Baby Inflatables). In the foot of the website (clean at the end) you have all the information - about business conditions, trademarks, etc. If we only want to see products of a particular brand, we click on this brand or more brands in the brand name.


When you find a product that interests you, we click on it to open it. The name of the product can be found briefly and a more detailed description of the product below. Under each product there is a scheduled delivery time.


Ordering is done online 24 hours a day, every day of the year. The consumer can decide whether to shop as a registered user or as a guest.

In a nutshell: The consumer first selects the item, inserts it into the shopping cart, chooses the payment method, and completes the purchase. After the order, the customer receives a notice by e-mail that the order has been accepted. It lists the products and quantities selected by the customer. Accepted orders are considered irrevocable and will be delivered.

Description of steps:


You can sign up for an online store when you start browsing the online store (top right) in our online store. Please log in or create a new account. If you are already registered with the online store, enter the e-mail and password in the form and click on the LOGIN button. If you have forgotten your password, click on the "Forgot Password" link and follow the instructions for obtaining a new password. If you have not yet registered in the online store, you can register easily and quickly by clicking on the link REGISTER on top of the menu to create a new account.


Please fill in the "Registration" form, which you get when you click on the link above (right-top) Create my account or click on "My account" above the blue banner (next to Wishlist, etc.). In each field enter all the necessary data and finally click on the CONTINUE button below.

At the bottom, check the box "Receive E-mail newsletter" to receive newsletters, which will keep you up-to-date with current news and actions.


The product that you want to order is moved to the basket by clicking on the button IN CART. Adding products to the basket while browsing the online store. In the end, but also in the meantime, you can see the products in the basket by clicking on the blue basket icon (in the brown banner area - to the far right).

a) select the selected tab on the first page 

b) select the product you want to add to cart to and click on the icon: To cart.

c) If you want to order more products, add them to the cart

d) Whenever you insert items into a shopping cart or browse the store, you can click on My Shopping Cart at any time (above the brown banner) or under a brown banner, for example. 

e) In the MY BASKET stage, you have the option of inserting coupons and adding or deleting items from the basket with the option of clicking on the UPDATE button, CONTINUE SHOPPING or CHECKOUT. 

In the phase of the ORDERING

Step 1: Order submission - Login - Choose whether you want to shop as a registered user or as a guest. Anyone who buys as a guest will turn his next step 2 into a payer, while the one who registers this is called Customer Details. In the first step, select the login option.

step 2 - (if you choose as a registration) - enter your information, then click the tab: Continue. Fields marked with * must be filled in. To complete Step 2, you must agree that you have fully read and fully accept payment methods (if you click on the pays link Payment Methods), I will open a document where all payment methods are re-listed - by clicking on this document, You will not be redirected to anywhere, for example. to the new page, but stay on the same page. If you agree, please check. If you do not agree with the above, no purchase is possible.

step 2 - (if you are shopping as a guest) - enter the payer's details. If your delivery address and address of the payer are the same, check the box.

Step 3 - If not in step 3 - Delivery address same to the address of the payer - enter the desired delivery address.

Step 4: Choose Delivery - If you order smaller products and KIDKRAFT items and small items, select the option UPS (smaller items). Delivery is calculated on the weight of the product.

Step 5: Payment method by clicking on the desired payment method, read the Terms of Business, and if you agree to the terms and conditions, please make a statement: "I declare that I have read and fully accept the Terms of Business" and then click on the tab: Continue.

Step 6: Review the order - Review and verify your order confirmation, then click the Confirm order button, to complete the purchase, or click on each step to link: Fix if you want to fix your order. You have the options to fix or to delete an item from the shopping cart. For example, immediately delete from the basket, if you click on X under the brown banner, for example. where it is written next to the blue basket icon (right-hand) that you collected by clicking the button in the basket (eg 1 piece - 10 EUR).


after the order is complete, your order will be sent to your e-mail address and a summary of your order marked with the status of the order: pending - in the processing (order in the queue until the payment has been made) and if you have selected the payment according to the pre-calculation Get directions for payment. If you choose a payment method with credit cards or paypal, the order status is automatically marked with processing (order processing). With this step, the ordering process is completed and a message appears on the screen. You made an ORDER!

You can follow the history and status of orders on the My Account page by clicking on Order History.

If your purchase relates to items that are being transferred, go to the Downloads page to view it.

If you have any questions, please contact us.

Thank you for purchasing in our online store!

When a subscriber completes a purchase, he monitors the order through his control panel by logging in to the system (user login - far right right). When a user enters the system, My account is opened. You can keep track of all your order history on a link - Order History. The user can also change his data arbitrarily. The entire order of the order from the receipt of the order, the receipt of the purchase price, the dispatch of the package is communicated through the control panel system. You are automatically notified about the status of the order on the mail you provided when registering.


Step 1: pending - in processing (order in queue until paid purchase)

After the submission of the order, you will receive a notification by e-mail that the order has been accepted and payment instructions, if you have chosen the payment method - according to the pro forma invoice. In this step, the contract is not yet concluded.

Step 2: processing 

When the buyer pays the purchase price, the order is confirmed and we inform the customer via e-mail (notification is made automatically through the program's control panel - when the status is entered, the program itself informs the buyer of the e-mail address that it made when registering) that we received the purchase price Order accepted. The order is processed in any case only at the time when the purchase price is paid. The buyer has the option of paying the invoice within 2-3 working days, otherwise the order is rejected. We do not practice payouts when summarizing.

In this step, the contract is concluded.

Step 3: shipped 

Once we have prepared and shipped the goods, we will notify you by e-mail of the exact date of delivery. All packages that are dispatched are regularly monitored via mail providers. If there is a delay in sending, we inform customers about the new delivery date. If the customer does not accept the package, all packages will be returned to the postal service center (depot). The postal service is called by each customer before the goods are delivered to the telephone number, which 

Step 4: complete (the order is complete)

Picking up goods is possible only at signing. Once the goods have been received, we inform the customer by e-mail that the goods have been received. This completes the order.

7.4. ORDERS BY E-MAIL [email protected]

Orders via e-mail [email protected] must include the name and surname of the address / payer, your contact address / address or where we send the shipment, and the contact telephone number.

We send you an invoice by e-mail. It lists the products and quantities selected by the customer. When the item is paid, we consider purchasing credible. Accepted orders are considered irrevocable and will be delivered. If you submit an order via e-mail, we also inform you about the status of the order (for example, the processed payment, the shipped item, etc.).