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Little Things shoe rack

5-7 business days from payment Little Things shoe rack


The Micussori Collection of micuna, is about a family of furniture based on the Montessori educational model, which seeks to develop in the child independence and freedom with limits, respecting the natural psychology and the child's own physical and social development. With this launch, micuna confirms being in the lead in the new breeding trends.

This line of products is formed from learning towers, cabinets-organizers, Montessori beds and other accessories related to this methodology.

The Micussori collection has been designed and manufactured thinking of a product in proportion to the child and his real needs. The functionalities of the Micussori product must ensure cleanliness and order, and must be a product that facilitates and encourages the movement, autonomy and activity of the child. In terms of design, beauty and harmony, as well as noble materials, are key in this type of product.

A place tailored for the little ones, where they can keep all their things in order: clothes, shoes, boots, accessories and even toys or books. Thanks to the Little Things shoe cabinet, children can learn about organization and order, experience their autonomy and practice their choice to decide because they will easily find and reach everything they need. Choose how to dress, what shoes to use and even learn to collect and take care of their belongings. These are several of the behaviors that we will be able to promote with this philosophy.

Material: Lacquered MDF-Pine.

Colour: Water wood-white.


  • Includes rack.
  • Includes ball hangers.
  • Shelf adjustable to 2 heights and two incline positions.
  • Includes safety anchors kit to anchor to the wall.

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Delivery time: 5-7 days from payment

  • Brand: Micuna (Španija, EU)
  • Product Code: MONT-1871 SHOE RACK
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